90 Day Challenge: Improve Your Mind and Body—and Finances!

This week, we’re kicking off our 90-Day Challenge!

The challenge is to pick an enjoyable activity and stick with it for 30, 60, or 90 days. The basic guideline is choosing an activity that’s fun, fast, and CHEAP. Reading, hiking, swimming, biking, writing—it can be just about anything as long as it doesn’t cost too much.

By taking a hike every day or reading a book each week, we set ourselves up for financial success—because we aren’t using our downtime to find random ways to spend our money. Instead, we give ourselves a healthy, enjoyable outlet to focus on.

Not only are we saving ourselves money by doing this, we’re also improving our minds, hearts, and/or bodies. Getting up and moving, learning something new, reaching a new goal—it’s all good for us! Bonus: we’re keeping money in the bank to use on more important things in life—like buying a dream home.

What are you waiting for? Give yourself a focused purpose this month, and you’ll quickly (and easily) break free of bad financial habits.

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