How Can YMCC Help You?

As Your Mortgage Credit Coach, we want to cheer you on, and train you to avoid heartbreak during the home buying process.

Our goal is to teach you:

Your Mortgage Credit Coach Icon

  • What the heck a credit score is.
  • How your age affects your credit.
  • Why bad credit will cost you more—a lot more—by the time you reach retirement.
  • How to manage your credit cards.
  • How the mortgage approval process works and how to get approved despite poor credit.
  • The myths and truths about credit.
  • How to deal with pesky collectors.
  • How to avoid common credit traps.
    • How to keep your credit and enjoy life more!

    Essentially, we want to show you how to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

    Ready to take the first step to improving your credit and buying a home? Download our free book here.

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